Unit Lesson Plan Examples


What you can find on this page

Included on this page are unit proposals and lesson plans. These were all created by The University of New Hampshire's Theatre Education students during the class "Teacher Planning (Fall 2019)". All unit lesson plans can be found in the "Downloads" section at the bottom of this page.

Unit Abstracts

The Arts and Social Justice: In this unit, students will learn how to put together a social justice theatre piece, utilizing spoken word, acting, music, dance, and puppets.Through seven lessons, students will learn to become social justice artists. These lessons, designed for 8th graders, can be utilized for just about any grade level. With UDL and UBD in mind, these lesson plans were put together with all types of learners in mind. Most importantly, these lessons incorporate many of Gardner’s Multiple Intelligences. Furthermore, this unit is full of many hands on activities that both teachers and students alike will love! 

Telling a Story: In this unit, students will be guided through a discovery of telling stories. It is largely discussion and group work based. Over the course of this unit, students will learn what makes a good story, how to tell a good story, and the resources that can be used to enhance storytelling. The lesson is built to be adapted to multiple grade levels, from elementary all the way through high school, and adheres to the National Core Arts standards. It can serve either as a standalone unit or as a tie in to the concept of Theatre as a whole. For what is putting on a show but telling a story?