Show Information Masterlist

How the list works

Hello! This document is a master list of different shows that can be performed by elementary, middle, and high schools. There are 5 columns in this list. The first provides the name and author(s) of the show. The second provides the basic genre of the show (drama, comedy, fantasy, etc). The third is The cast size, what school setting its appropriate for, and small details on the ensemble. The fourth is a short summary of the show, and the fifth is a link to where the rights can be found, as well as details as to what versions are available (such as Jr, condensed, etc). This list does not have every show on it (as it would be too large and take way too long to complete), however, it is a very good jumping-off point. That being said, it will be updated every so often. Enjoy!



Show Summaries (pdf)